In addition to the creation of new residential properties, Rydon Homes is involved in the construction of shops, schools, GP surgeries and work spaces; facilities which enhance the local communities.

Where necessary, we can draw on expertise from other parts of the Rydon Group, where we have extensive experience of working with the NHS, Partnerships for Schools and a large number of leading housing associations.

Rydon brings together an immense wealth of experience, expertise and talent, united by common values and principles, focused on partnering with our clients to enhance the quality of living for the communities in which we work.

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We take our corporate responsibility seriously and constantly strive to make a positive contribution to the social, economic and environmental well-being of the communities in which we work.

We believe that the first and primary effect of pro-active CSR is to make a positive impact within the company's own organisation. This is because CSR embodies good employment initiatives and standards as well as a working ethos of care and consideration for others and for the environment.

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