Our intention is to build bespoke yet integrated developments; neighbourhoods where people choose to live and which offer a range of different house types in terms of size, price and tenure. In every Rydon Homes development, our focus is on design and build quality that stand the test of time.

Each scheme has a site-specific design responding to each site’s constraints and challenges. Local topography and vernacular architecture always strongly influence our designs.

Public consultation is carried out from the early stages of planning in order to engage local residents and key stakeholders, provide them with full information and encourage feedback. We believe that working and consulting with all parties will deliver schemes that are appropriate and, in the long term, will be considered by the community as an asset to the area.

We are proud of our long and successful track record delivering planning permissions and overcoming legal issues, sometimes in sensitive locations. The open and professional approach we take has undoubtedly helped to ensure that agents and landowners alike have been happy to work with us.